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US Mail Forwarder to Brazil

Whether you are a American Expat in Brazil, a Nomad, an RV’er, a Globetrotter, or an International Shopper from Brazil, our US Mail Forwarding service to Brazil gives you a US Street address Mailbox that allows you to have your US mail and packages forwarded to you anywhere in Brazil. Unlike other US Mail Forwarders:  my us, Shipito, bangous  and my USA2me we let you decide on customs duty tax value, offer free consolidation service and a 30 day money back guarantee.

US Mail Forwarder Features:

  • Free Email notification of mail delivery to Mailbox.
  • Free Consolidation service.
  • Declare your own Tax values.apply for US mail forwarding to Brazil
  • Hold, Ship, Consolidate items as desired.
  • Ship by US priority Mail. Express Mail, FedEx, DHL.
  • Mailbox Rental rates from $11.50 / Month
Millions of people have discovered that they can save money by shopping US online retailers and Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Buy and Apple. In the US, magazines are offered at domestic rates as much as 90% off the newsstand price. But living abroad, you are often locked out of these deals because the company will not ship to your address. We help you get your very own US street address and immediate benefits of online shopping! With your own US mailing address, you can add this address to your credit card and this allows you to make purchases at online stores in the US. You’ll also get access to more products on eBay since many sellers will only ship within the US. We also have a buying plan in which we will assist you in making online purchases. It’s one of the added benefits of their service. See info on our Concierge service

Forwarding Benefits To Brazil:

  • Lower International shipping costs to Brazil.
  • International shipping via EMS, Priority Mail, FedEx, DHL.
  • Free Package consolidation Service that will allow you to save 60% or more in shipping cost to Brazil.
  • Take advantage of discounts and sales from 3 Million US Retailers like eBay, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft
  • Makes buying from US stores and eBay much easier
  • Help with making purchases.

Por favor, desculpe o meu inglês, eu me inscrevi no mês passado para seu serviço e acabei de receber meu primeiro embarque. Os itens que eu comprei do eBay chegaram em segurança com os correios. Obrigado pelo serviço de transporte rápido

Jorge K Sao Paolo Brazil