Post office Change Of Address

How to rent a US mailbox? Whether moving to a new address permanently or just going on an extended vacation, having your US mail forwarded to your new location ensures you receive important correspondence. Forwarding your US mail and US Packages also prevents mail from piling up in your box, a sign to thieves that you’re away from home. We can provide you with a US address to collect all your mail and online purchases and forward them anywhere in the world. Have your US mail follow you!

How To Rent US Mailbox

Mail Forwarding never been so Easy, three easy steps to get your own Dedicated US Mailing address, our US Mailbox Street Address is ideal to receive all US purchases, consolidate them and ship to your destination of choice. Great for International Businesses and Consumers. The process includes three Easy Steps:

  1. Complete the application Forms: Service Agreement and USPS 1583.
  2. Fax the forms or email them to us along with 2 photos ID’s 
  3. Upon Verification, validation of your documents and receipt of full payment; we will issue you a dedicated US Address. The US address is based on Approved US Post Office Box that is genuine and exclusively dedicated to you.

As soon as we assign your US address, you can start using it immediately. We will receive your goods and mail then forward to you upon request. You can use your US address to purchase goods from around the world. Once we receive your packages, you will get email notifications and we can store for you free of charge for up to 30 days. Access your My US Post Office account online to check the status of shipments and communicate with us when you are ready to receive the merchandise. At that time, we will compile an invoice with a shipping estimate to your house, you will choose the carrier you want: FedEx DHL | EMS | US Mail | TNT; upon payment, we will send your parcel and you will be able to monitor the shipment via online tracking system. Visit Our Mail Forwarding Forum for more info.


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