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We offer affordable US Mail Forwarding, US Post Redirect and Freight Forwarding to UkraineManaging Your US Mail Forwarding to Ukraine is easy and affordable through our Mail forwarding Services. Suppose you’re traveling overseas, or relocating for a short- or long-term business assignment. How will you get your US mail while you’re away? How do you US Mail Redirect your shipments to Ukraine?

Mail forwarding services to Ukraine are the answer for many. Solving the problem of how to receive mail on a regular basis, these services have proliferated in the U.S click this site., and offer a variety of service levels. Most do more than just send you a package periodically; they actually let you manage your mail from abroad. Mail Forwarding to Ukraine.

I signed up with you last year and I am impressed about the consistent service I am receiving. My packages always arrive safe and on time and I want to thank you for making my shopping experience in America pleasant. My last Apple iPad order was delayed in customs but it was nit your fault as our Romanian customs seems slow sometime. Jorgio K Ukraine

Mail Forwarding to Ukraine Features:

You may choose services that let you:

  • Arrange for all your mail to be sent to you monthly, bimonthly, as received, or when you request it
  • Access an Internet account that allows you to view the status of mail received and specify when you want it shipped to you
  • Specify which pieces you do not want sent – catalogs for example
  • Consolidate shipments to save on postal and customs fees
  • Receive mail-order merchandise from vendors who do not ship overseas
  • Have shipping and customs paperwork handled by the shipping service
  • Discount shipping to Ukraine via: UPS, Post Office, DHL, FedEx

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Setting up a mail forwarding account

Once you’ve decided to use a service, what now? The U.S. Postal Service regulates “commercial mail receiving agencies” (CMRAs) and requires anyone using one to fill out a form (#1583 – downloadable from the USPS Website). Spouses may use a single form, but non-married partners must file separate forms authorizing mail forwarding. You must present identification documents when filing the form.

While common in the U.S., the mail-forwarding industry is less developed in many other countries. Even those who are not moving from the U.S., however, can make use of U.S.- based services. If you’re moving from Ukraine, for example, to Russia, you could still retain a mail-forwarding service for mail you anticipate coming from the United States – merchandise orders from catalogs, for example. One less worry. US Mail Forwarding to Ukraine

Mail forwarding services take care of a major concern for travelers and transferees. Along with online banking, automatic bill-paying, and Internet shopping, it is one more valuable service making life easier for those abroad. Plans start at $149.99 for yearly service, to start your mail forwarding to Ukraine.

Our All in one solution can provide international shoppers and small businesses the opportunity to get a Genuine and dedicated US mailing address based on US Post Office box rental service. We also offer personal shopper service that is convenient and offers great peace of mind, we do the shopping and take the risk in dealing with the online vendors; you simply relax! Our Mail Forwarding fees are as low as $39.95 for pay per use service.

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