Forwarding from the USA to Egypt

International mail forwarding to Egypt via DHL, FedEx and US Post Office. If you are an America Expat Living in Egypt, you can have your US mail follow you anywhere in the world and maintain presence in the US. Don’t miss your bank statements or IRS notification, stay in contact with your U.S by creating your own US Virtual Mailbox: We receive your mail, notify you and can even scan it and deliver it to your Email inbox!

Mail Forwarding to Egypt

The Egyptian Deminimus Value is the declared value of your shipment below which duty and tax will not apply. Meaning, if you are importing a shipment with a total declared value LESS than this amount, duty and tax do not apply (certain products may be subject to other types of fees or taxes). The Deminimus Value is usually different for Duty and Tax. Deminimus Value for Duty:    100 USD Deminimus Value for Tax:     100 USD Follow these steps to save big on shipping from USA to Egypt!
  • Always select “US Dollar Pricing” when shopping.  Many US stores offer multiple currency options. However, if you select a non US$ currency, the US Store will apply a less favorable exchange rate because they have to protect themselves against fluctuating exchange rates. This means you are going to pay more than you need to for the product and your going to pay more in duty and tax on import.
  • Avoid Pre-Paying Duty.  Unless you have a specific reason for doing so, it is almost always to your advantage *not* to prepay duty and tax. The reason is that not all shipments into a country are assessed. If you prepay duty, you will pay duty on 100% of your shipments. If you do not prepay, you may still end up paying duty on 100% of your shipments but you may also pay less!
  • Favored & Zero Duty/Tax Rates.  Many countries introduce ‘favored’ duty and/or tax rates for the import of certain types of products. These tend to be products generally not produced domestically or those that the government wants to encourage the purchase of. Products that enter duty or tax free in many countries include Children’s products such as safety gear and baby apparel.  Check with your local government for more information.

Prohibited Commodities for shipping to Egypt

The following commodities are not acceptable for transport by DHL under any circumstances. This is a result of a policy decision, following the full consideration of Operational, Legal and Risk Management implications.
  • Animals
  • Antiques (breakable and/or fragile)
  • Asbestos
  • Bullion
  • Currency
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition
  • Furs
  • Hazardous or combustible materials (as defined in IATA Regulations)
  • Human remains, including ashes
  • Jewelry, precious metals and stones
  • Narcotics (illegal)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Antiques
  • Asbestos
  • Dangerous goods, or comb. mats
  • Furs
  • Gambling devices
  • Ivory
  • Jewelry, costume
  • Playing cards
  • Pornography
  • Precious metals & stones
  • Works of art
  • Property, the carriage of which is prohibited by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country to or through which the shipment may be carried.
We make International Mail and freight forwarding to EgyptYemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Middle East easy and convenient. To get started, Apply for your own US mailbox here.

يرجى عذر لي اللغة الإنجليزية ووقعت الشهر الماضي للخدمة الخاصة بك وتلقيت للتو بلادي أول شحنة. وجاءت البنود التي اشتريتها من موقع ئي بأي أمان مع مكتب البريد. شكرا لكم على خدمة الشحن السريع

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    I. Prohibited Items:

    – Combustible / flammable items (paints, oils, lighters, perfume, nail polish)
    – Any type of pressurized can (hair spray, shaving cream, spray cans of any type)
    – Hazardous materials (matches, chemicals, explosives)
    – Firearms, weaponry and their parts: military, police and tactical equipment of any kind, including guns, gun replicas, gun accessories, gun components (magazines, clips and rail systems), ammunition, knives, swords, compound bows, crossbows, discharge weapons such as shock batons or stun guns, tooling for guns or gun parts, optical scopes, laser sights, night sights, night visions goggles, handcuffs and other restraints, surveillance equipment.
    – Agricultural products such as tobacco, plants and seeds.
    – Perishable foods
    – Animals and products made with animal skin (furs)
    – Alcohol (Biz International, Corp. can ship table wine in limited quantities to most countries except Muslim countries.
    – Lottery tickets and gambling devices
    – Prescription and/or veterinary medication
    – Pornography
    – Lock picking devices
    – Government IDs and licenses, or items that claim to be, or that look similar to, government identification documents. This includes uniforms and badges or patches designed to look like official Government Issue.


    – Iran
    – North Korea
    – Syria
    – Israel
    – Sudan
    – Burma
    – Cuba

    About Us:

    We are the leading global provider of International Package / Mail Forwarding and transportation solutions since 1994. We are a Boston Massachusetts based company. We rapidly evolved into a global brand recognized for its customized mail forwarding and shipping services. is a subsidiary of Biz International, Corp. Our service portfolio is built around providing convenience and value-added services that are designed to save consumers and businesses time and money. We have over a decade of experience in the shipping and packaging industry and we serve thousands of clients worldwide. is an authorized US Post Office vendor, we are NOT the US Post Office. The range of services offered includes international and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, logistics and warehousing, documents managements, e-commerce solutions, and online shopping services. To Apply:

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