How to Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding

We are often asked: How do I stop my US Post Office from Forwarding my mail? During extended periods of time away, US and International travelers often have their US mail forwarded to ensure receipt of important documents and bills and to prevent an excessive backlog of correspondence. Arranged through the United States Postal Service (USPS) after submitting a temporary change of address order, mail forwarding redirects posted items to a different address for a specified length of time.

How To Rent US Mailbox

How to rent a US mailbox? Whether moving to a new address permanently or just going on an extended vacation, having your US mail forwarded to your new location ensures you receive important correspondence. Forwarding your US mail and US Packages also prevents mail from piling up in your box, a sign to thieves that you’re away from home. can provide you with a US address to collect all your mail and online purchases and forward them anywhere in the world. Have your mail follow you!