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Best Way to Buy Apple iPad, Buy Apple iWatch and iphone from USA, discounted shipping to over 220 countries. Buy Direct and save time and money. Our personal shopper service will allow you to purchase the ipad that fits your need at prices you can afford. Fast shipping via DHL and FedEx. Our concierge service will go to the local Apple Store and purchase your product face to face with an Apple Store Associate. Getting your Latest iPhone, iPad or iTouch can be easy with our US concierge service.

Apple Store Concierge Service

We make purchasing Apple products simple and affordable:
  • Decades of Concierge service: We served over 500 clients worldwide since 1995.
  • Personal shoppers will go to the US Apple Store and pick up the merchandise allowing you fast access to inventory.
  • Major purchases are Tax free saving up to 6.5% in Sales Tax.
  • Free shipping to our store from all major retailers.
  • Discounted shipping via FedEx and DHL of up to 60% OFF retail rates.
  • Convenient fast delivery to your door steps.
  • Free Export documentation.
  • Free repackaging.
  • You declare the tax value you wish.
  • Free $200.00 Value protection against loss or damage.
  • Low Personal Shopper Commission rates.

This is truly a great service, I love Apple products but I cannot get them fast enough in Australia, so creating a US address was perfect solution. But you guys rise to the top because of your fast service. You answer all my emails on time and my Apple products are coming into Australia safely and on time through FedEx network.

 Frank R Sydney Australia

Getting started is Simple!

  1. Go to Personal shopper service, add it to your shopping cart.
  2. Checkout using your PayPal account.
  3. Send us two photo IDS showing your address, email to security
  4. Send us the funds to make the purchase via Bank money wire or Paypal, we can send you invoice as well.
  5. We make the purchase, invoice you for shipping charges.
  6. Upon payment, we will ship and email you the tracking info.